Trigger on Protocol Analyzer match


Software should allow for specifying a trigger condition based on a protocol result.


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Rambo Jul 11, 2018

Rambo Jul 11, 2018
What is the progress on this task after 1.5 years?

MacT Jul 11, 2018
Yes, I would absolutely agree here. Triggering on a specific bus event is key for successful debugging, in many embedded designs.

I would suggest to include the following triggering for I2C:
Start, repeated start, stop, NACK/missing acknowledge, address, data

For SPI: Start of frame, end of frame, type of frame, data, identifier, identifier and data (combined), missing acknowledge. And bit stuffing error as a later option.

Give this a go, and you will gain many new loyal customers, I am sure of.



kcnicho Jul 11, 2018
Absolutely agree! This single feature would boost the capability of your analyzer to compete with much more expensive devices. Why store tons of captured data, then sift through it looking for that particular sequence when the tool can simply trigger on the sequence? Would save storing all that data too. I2C, SPI, just about anything that you can define a sequence for.

Doing it in hardware if possible would be best (fastest) but if you have to do software processing, that's ok (slower, better than nothing.)

While you're at it, why not include other triggering options. A before B, analog level, etc. Take a look at what Tektronix or Agilent offers. I realize you probably can't do all of that, but you can sure get close!


- Kevin

Tim Reyes Jul 13, 2018
This is now planned! We don't have a release date yet. We're hard at work perfecting our real-time view.