The default Logic16 LED setting is far too bright


The default LED setting for Logic16 should be softer glow.


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Keegan Jul 11, 2018
It's bearable at 0x010101

DG Jul 11, 2018
Having the LED pulse on event triggers would be helpful for long term testing of a bunch of devices under test. That way you can see if one of the devices has triggered from a distance.

maninvan Jul 11, 2018
My eyes! The Saleae Logic 16 power LED seems to be determined I don't see past my next birthday!

As with all new equipment I have to install white electrical tape over the LEDs to add a diffuser and drop the brightness to bearable level.

Is there a need to be able to tell that something is on from a mile away? ;)

Guest Jul 11, 2018
Previous releases of Logic allowed to set the light. I've never been a big fan of the blinking and fading light on the Logic 16 —a reminiscence of the Iron Man lamp?— and always turned it off.

New releases of Logic not longer feature this option.

Last question: Does the light have any utility? It could be switched on when recording and off otherwise.

dudearent006 Jul 11, 2018
Having this problem with my logic 8 as well, almost too bright to look at. Would also be nice if the LED showed the status of the device, like sampling, idle or waiting for trigger. Being able to change the color is nice but useless.