Support an external clock input


Support an external clock input. Be able to clock data in based on that external clock source. It is ok to still use an internal clock for monitoring all the inputs. However, data would be monitored "as fast as possible" while values are latched specifically based on external clock input transitions.


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Tim Jul 11, 2018
Hi kimth, to address long logs of analog captures, you might try using lower analog sample rates. For example, sampling for 24 hours at 100 S/s should use about 1GB of memory. Were you looking to use an external clock specifically for analog sampling or for something else? Also, it might be possible to do this in software if the clock was slow enough. It would be a pretty big project though.

kimth Jul 11, 2018
Yes, I agree that this would greatly expand the applicability of the Saleae -- which I already love. I work in scientific research where I use the Saleae for data logging. However, with the current device capabilities, I can't perform long logs of _analog_ inputs (say up to a few hours) because memory runs out very quickly.

If Saleae had the ability to sample inputs (analog or digital) based on an external signal, I would be able to use Saleae for all sorts of data logging applications. Price- and usability-wise, I find the Saleae to be extremely competitive compared to traditional scientific DAQ systems. External triggering would basically seal the deal.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
We're keeping this in mind for future products, but it can't be done on the existing hardware. In the meantime though, you can oversample the clock signal, and decode clocked parallel data using our simple parallel analyzer: