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I'd like at a minimum control over line thickness of the data plots. I often use data from the saleae in presentations, and having control over theme settings would make screenshots more useable and cut down on the work I need to do to get the data ready to present. It would also allow me to show live data capture, and actually have the audience see the results of a demo.

Settings would include (but not limited to):
Line color, thickness, and style (dashed, solid, etc)
Background color
Fonts (separate fonts for labels, axes, etc.) (Color, size, typeface, etc.)

All of these are currently coded into the UI in some way. If you can extract these settings to a file, that would be a start. Adding a gui to make all the adjustments could come later.


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JoziasDelRios Jul 11, 2018
White text over a light blue background is a low contrast combination, difficult to read, horrible to publish.
Please customize all colors settings as preferences.

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
In the next-gen software (see discuss.saleae.com) we will provide light, dark and "paper" themes. We will also allow full customization, but I'm not sure if we'll do that right away or not.