Show waves before the trigger for a configurable time

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Sometimes it's very easy to set a trigger where an error is detected in firmware. However, what has happened just before the error is usually what you need to know for debugging! It would be very nice if I can say "trigger on X, and show the waves starting from Y seconds (or milliseconds) before X happened."


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Ralf Jul 11, 2018
It would be grateful if the trigger occured and then measurements stops.
The presetted time will be shown as history from the past to the trigger.
So it will not be neccessary to hit the stop button.

DirkR Jul 11, 2018
It is already possible:
Go to "Options -> Preferences -> Capture" and set the "Pre-trigger buffer size" to a value like X-Y (e.g. = 5 seconds) in your example. Than you trigger at point X and can see the wave 5 seconds in front of trigger point X. It is independent from the "Duration (Recorde data for)" .... seconds.