Show mouse cursor's X position across all channels


It would be great if there were a subtle visual cue aligned with the mouse X position through all channels. Sometimes I press "1", but don't add a reference, to have a clearer idea of what's happening at the same instant in some recorded data.

Bonus points if the vertical line snaps to align with sample times.

I'm imagining a more subtle version of the cursor www.youtube.com/watch?v=34uqs5inLX0 starting at 6:45, except only showing the vertical line.



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A440Hz Jul 11, 2018
+1. I'm trying to correlate an analog signal (system voltage) with a digital signal (brown-out interrupt). I don't see an easy way to know what the voltage is on Analog Channel 1 when Digital Channel 2 has an edge. I have to do this through guesswork.