SCPI capability or user API


To make your test instrument compatible with other gear, i suggest that you embed SCPI capability. Please visit www.ivifoundation.org to see the extensive list of OEM that have adopted SCPI. If not this then i would guess that you are at least offering a user programmable API?

I am attaching a screen shot of a DSO remote control application that i wrote a couple of years ago. Here I have a TDS2024 DSO probing channel 1 on an RS 232 line. By using the OEM programmer's reference guide, I parsed out the commands/descriptions and syntax to create an intuitive GUI interface. I provide single line test and editor window to save/recall command scripts. Notice that I am decoding the data frame by frame. Further there is no reason why this cannot be extended to provide low level packet protocol encode / decode capability(i.e. arb sig gen for encode then push to data bus, DSO / logic analyzer to decode data stream). I am working on class library to provide this capability to SCPI capable test gear.

This is most important in setting up custom configurations for regression testing to satisfy whatever standards requirements / debugging that you are working on. Also, by taking advantage of the PC host capability of data storage to have a deeper memory enhances what you can do with your purchased equipment.

I have since been working on developing custom OOP based design pattern where it can be applied to any given test gear relatively quickly.

If you are interested in my services, I would be happy to add you to my list where i will be deploying a video illustrating this service with specific examples.

have a great day

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