Saving .logicdata between timing markers


Saving a capture (as .logicdata) between timing markers would allow to reduce file space on captures that only a fraction of the timeline is relevant.

In addition, it would also allow to split captures in multiple files by selecting regions of interest.

This functionality can be added to the Timing Marker Pair context menu (little wheel icon on the right side).


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
Any update on this?

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
I've just merged the two ideas.

steve_geo Jul 11, 2018
Repeat of ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/8667727-saving-logicdata-between-timing-markers can saleae combine the votes to increase focus on this issue?

steve_geo Jul 11, 2018
I agree roll all votes into one ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/6643949-partial-save

steve_geo Jul 11, 2018
I understand Saleae have no idea how to do this support.saleae.com/faq/technical-faq/can-i-create-or-edit-logicdata-files

But it should not be so hard; if they can access the data from file to plot onto the screen then then should be able to take a subset of the data and write a brand new file (not croping the original).
I have exactly the same problem, .. 20sec of data is over 3GB, and I want to send 28ms worth to someone over the other side of the world for their analysis, but Saleae prevent me from acheiving it... this really is the biggest barrier to me recommending Saleae to other firmware engineers.

HansW Jul 11, 2018
Cropping in the time domain would be a nice feature,
But disabling certain channels (analog channels) is far more valuable for me.
This also counts for an already saved capture that I want to minimize in space.

cb Jul 11, 2018
Adding to this... When saving a capture, Logic should ask which channels you'd like to include. This would be especially useful if you accidentally capture all 8 channels, including analog, but really only need to save 1 digital channel.

RobN Jul 11, 2018
This is the same as "Partial Save" and "Having the ability to crop the data to save only what is needed". All the votes should be rolled into one, I agree it's a good idea.

RobN Jul 11, 2018
Could also select which lines to include in the saved capture (would especially help if capturing analog also, but only really interested in the digital section).

Curryman Jul 11, 2018
Add the votes here to "Have the ability to crop the data to save only what is needed" and remove this one. It is the same function.

Curryman Jul 11, 2018
Exactly what is needed for the normal work. The file is around 8GByte and contains 350s trace, but the interesting part is only several 100ms.
So it should be possible to mark the interesting part and save it in a smaller file. Than it is easy to share it with other colleagues via mail or it takes not so much space for documentation.

Jazman Jul 11, 2018
I'd like to see a feature in the software that would allow you to save a subset of a file. The capture files can be quite large and take a ton of time to process. So, I'd like to be able to capture and then save off the portion that has just what I need in it (ie: time x to time y). That seems like it should be a pretty simple thing to add.


Guest Jul 10, 2019
This will be really helpful and time saving

Joe Garrison Jul 11, 2019
This is on the board to be implemented towards the end of this quarter (i.e. by October 1) It'll roll out as part of the next generation software currently under development (discuss.saleae.com/)