Support Mac retina screens. Right now your UI looks awful on them.


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
Sorry for a long delay on an update. We're working on adding support for higher resolutions for retina displays in a new UI we are working on. Thanks for your patience!

Tobias Müller Jul 11, 2018
Received my Logic 8 today. Was really astonished by the good looking and feeling of the hardware. Then installed the software on my Retina iMac and saw that the UI doesn't seem to support Retina displays. Now I'm back to the grounds. :/

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Hi Jeffrey, and everyone else. After we posted this feature idea, we did update to QT5, which at least prevents the awful tearing we saw when the application tried to render itself on high dpi screens on macOS and on Windows. At this point, it should look correct, but it's still rendered at a lower resolution and then scaled.
Also, Eliot is right, this has been posted here for a really long time. We've recently written up two short articles to apologize for this and to explain the expectations we would like to set for future software updates:

Jfrey.C Jul 11, 2018
Hi, Saleae Team
I am very looking forward to get the update on Mac retina screen support.
Now the UI resolution is too bad. :(
Hope you can support it.
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

Eliot Stock Jul 11, 2018
164 votes, almost two years, and still, nothing?

Michael Geary Jul 11, 2018
@ReiVilo - That other idea doesn't say anything about Retina or other High DPI displays, so I wouldn't assume that Retina support would be part of that.

Guest Jul 11, 2018
Isn't this idea included in the already planned idea "Mac OSX performance graphical performance should be improved"? — ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/5639321-mac-osx-performance-graphical-performance-should-b

DChristner90 Jul 11, 2018
The same is true of my Dell 4K screen, it is nearly un-usable.

Lenny Jul 11, 2018
This should be a gimme in terms of effort. You use QT for the user interface and QT version 5+ has built in support for HiDPI screens.


You just turn it on (if you are on version 5+... time to upgrade?). Heck if you were on version 4 (before QT changed rendering engines) you would get it for free as well because it used the MacOS core graphics paint engine.

I would even accept no updated icons or graphics to get legible text.

Guest Aug 8, 2018
Correct link to the QT blog: blog.qt.io/blog/2013/04/25/retina-display-support-for-mac-os-ios-and-x11/

Jeremy Turner Mar 18, 2019
Any update??

Tim Mar 18, 2019
This is still in progress and is being worked on right this minute. Unfortunately, I can't commit to an official release date, but I CAN say that we have recently hired up some extremely talented engineers to speed up our development cadence on a brand new version of the software.