Release stable version of logic software


Before releasing beta for software with analog support, you should release a stable version for Digital Logic analyzers(Logic8 and Logic16). As of now, latest beta releases of logic software are not stable and oftentimes crash. Also, the UI is not that easy to read.


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Dean12345 Jul 11, 2018
I previously had an older version of Logic on PC and an older analyser, which crashed occasionally but was tolerable. Downloaded 1.2.10 today for PC in order to use my company's new analyser and it is terrible. It crashes every 5 minutes. Seriously this is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever used. I am a software engineer and if I released this crap to customers I would get the sack in no time. This idea is from 2 years ago, it's now 2016, sort it out.

Kroony Jul 11, 2018
Big vote on this. You've been selling products upto $600 for a long time now and still don't have a single stable software release for them.
Could be a great professional tool as well, but they're hard to take serious if the only software is in beta.

Jim Drew Jul 16, 2018
Maybe you guys should be looking at your own systems for stability issues. I have been using Saleae products (every single one of them that has ever been produced) for a very long time now. I use them just about on a daily basis. In that time, I have never had a crash of their Windows software. I have reported various bugs dealing with protocol analyzers, display issues, etc. but certainly nothing that has ever stopped me from using their products in a professional environment. Now, I have zero experience with Mac and Linux versions. I only use the Windows version, so I can't comment on anything other than the Windows OS stability... it's been perfect.

Guest Jul 19, 2019
Been using the SW for way over 5 years and can count on one hand the times I remember it crashing.

Maybe the font's are small, but if you've got 16 channels, they need to be small.

Joe Garrison Jul 22, 2019
Thanks for the positive feedback lciummo, much appreciated.

We changed platforms for this "ideas" site July 2018, and and the import unfortunately assigned that date to all older submissions. The comments above include a period of particular instability, although in general it is something we need to improve.

The next generation software will have specific metrics collected for "crash rates", and we will publish the results as well as our internal targets. Looking forward to it. I expect to be able to do that in the next couple months.