Provide a precompiled Linux build for ARM


ARM-based development boards, e.g. Beagleboard, Raspberry Pi, ODROID, etc, are becoming increasingly popular and computationally powerful. Unfortunately, for those of using an ARM-based system as a development machine, the closed-source nature of the Saleae Logic software prevents us from using it with our purchased hardware, since there is no provided 32-bit ARM build for Linux.


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Tadashi G. Takaoka Jul 11, 2018
Please add aarch64 (or arm64) for support list. Note that there are a huge install base of Linux/aarch64, ARM Chromebook. Now Google considering support Linux x86_64 binary on Chrome OS natively, it is quote natural that the feature will come to aarch64 Chromebook too.

Since I've been successfully running x86_64 binary on Chrome OS + crouton (x86_64), I am happy to try out aarch64 binary on my Chrome OS + crouton (aarch64).

Mike K Jul 11, 2018
Yeah, ARMv7 + HF support would be great. If I'm being an idiot, or debugging something risky, it'd be way better off blowing up my logic analyser and a $20 computer instead of a $2k computer.

Josh Jul 11, 2018
The new Raspberry Pi 2 is much faster than the original. It really shouldn't be hard to port Logic to it because now that the Pi 2 has ARMv7 with hard-float so it can leverage all the standard packages in Ubuntu for armhf. I don't know what deps Logic has besides standard libc/Qt5 stuff, but pretty much all the libraries are there. There are even prebuilt Qt5 libs on the standard Ubuntu distros for ARM. It really is easy now to port to it, and Qt5 runs great on it. So no excuse, it should be really easy to get ported. Looking at ldd of your Linux version, it really doesn't look like there are many deps besides Qt...