Port the software to Android.


Android tablets are popular, and have been out long enough that many are being retired- it would be great to repurpose (or just have on hand) an Android tablet as a display. Most Android tablets support a host mode, so the interface is there- no new hardware is necessary.


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Chris Treber Jul 11, 2018
I upgraded from a Hantek 6022BE (please, no snide comments ;-)) and somebody wrote a software for Android for that - nifty, just my phone and the Hantek and I'm all set.

huaqinglin Jul 11, 2018
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dpf Jul 11, 2018
Professionals use the best tools available to solve or understand problems efficiently. Go with the port - need any help?

Julio Silva Jul 11, 2018
It would be great to have my analyser on my tablet.
Please think about it.

CongaJones Jul 11, 2018
I'm reasonably sure a small, externally powered, USB hub would solve the power issue...

chembal Jul 11, 2018
This would be the ultimate solution for me! And for those mentioning USB OTG power requirements, cheap dongles are available everywhere for powering the USB device. Heck, I've got an adapter from Lava that charges my Samsung Galaxy S 8.4 at the same time as powering my USB high current device. This would bring your already excellent hardware into a class of it's own. I already use it constantly, but add this support and suddenly I can bring it into close quarters testing without issue. (I test in cars where I want the output in front of me but a laptop won't fit but my phone or tablet would.)

r00x Jul 11, 2018
I would think few devices could pull this off. USB OTG can be very anaemic in terms of power output, with some devices producing less than 100mA of current. For a Logic device expecting at least 500mA to be on tap, that's going to be a problem.

I guess those Android devices with host ports would fare well enough, though.

dudearent006 Jul 11, 2018
I'm not sure if Android's USB system is powerful enough for such high bandwidth transfers. Not many people use USB on a tablet, compared to on a PC or laptop, so I wouldn't be surprised. Then again, I'm not an android dev :)

Porting the software probably isn't a small task either. They'd need a large team to work on that, and I'd rather have more software features than an android port. The interface could work pretty well with android though, especially with the swiping through signals system already in place.

Squag Jul 11, 2018
Working in facilities where your not allowed to carry in a bag of tools, I use my android phone for most first response data/bus/network diagnostics. Being able to use logic on my phone would be a godsend!

CollinK Jul 11, 2018
I think this would be a very interesting idea. I'd use it. It might seem odd to use a tablet for this purpose but often it is desirable to be able to take testing equipment to remote places where you don't necessarily want to have a whole desktop or laptop machine. For instance, I do work with electric vehicles and it'd be handy to be able to use Logic on the road while someone is driving the EV. Sure, a laptop could work here but tablets are easier to hold in small spaces.

KisCsillag Jul 11, 2018
Professionals don't use tablet.