Open Source the Saleae Software Suite


The Saleae software suite is great. However, the period between bug-fix releases, new feature additions, and updates is just too long. How long have we been at the 1.1.15 stable release now?

By open-sourcing the Saleae software suite you empower the Saleae community to contribute back to the platform that makes the Saleae Logic series of devices useful. Do not handicap your-own product and its success by perpetuating the ever looming threat of vendor lock-in and perceived periods of software development inactivity - these factors are real and contribute to consumer sentiment, especially when said consumers are engineers and technical hobbyists.

The Saleae software suite team have done a great job over the years, especially considering their small size. But it is time to let the community help towards this effort too. Let us, the users of the Saleae Logic products become active in the development of the software suite. Let us contribute towards bug-fixes, new features, ports to other platforms and architectures, feature optimizations, and timely point-version releases that compliment the quality of the Saleae Logic hardware platform.


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ashfixit Jul 11, 2018
Or at least throw a bone to the Sigrok developers to get tier one status for logic pro hardware.

vjpr Jul 11, 2018
Absolutely 100%. The software is not a competitive advantage, you will only benefit from such a decision. I just bought a Saleae Logic Pro 16 and I would start contributing now if I could.

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
This is something we continue to consider, and may do in the future. In the near term the next-gen software we're working on (discuss.saleae.com) will be much more of an open platform that should, with your feedback, a joy to develop for.