Offer Linux builds for ARM, ARM64, and POWER


We don't use x86 in our lab environment, instead we use Linux on a variety of other architectures including ARM and POWER. Furthermore, the analyzer software is not open source, so we cannot recompile it to work within our lab environment.

Can you please provide Linux builds of your software for the following architectures?

armel (ARM 32-bit)
armhf (ARM 64-bit)
ppc64el (POWER8+)

Even unsupported builds would be greatly appreciated -- without them, we're probably going to have to use and start improving the existing WIP open source replacement for your software.



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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Hi @jwatte,

Again I did want to mention that this isn't an official target we plan to support right now (although we are investigating what that would take for the next gen system) we have made some progress on this as a side project. We've finally got the complete app to compile (all SSE2 code commented out though, so it won't work with analog data for a while) but there are still a number of roadblocks before it runs. We're currently troubleshooting an issue with QT resources. Progress is slow, since this is a side project we work on in spare time here and there. If we can get it to work reliably though, we will release it! Feel free to check in here or via support every so often for updates. We're currently building on Raspbian.

jwatte Jul 11, 2018
@Mark Garrison Perhaps you could link everything statically, or build a "snap" or something?
Also, NVIDIA Jetson seems to be an up-and-coming ARM linux target.
(and from there, the jump to Android isn't too terrible ...)

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
@jwatte I agree. Hopefully, we can build a single ARMv6 binary that will run on most of those platforms, but we'll see. The dependencies will be tricky, but we might be able to include those with the download.

jwatte Jul 11, 2018
ARM64 seems the most important. The specific targets that would be most important based on my understanding of adoption would be Raspberry Pi, followed by Odroid, followed by the Beagle brethren.
(That's unless you also count Android as an ARM linux target. That might get really handy for diagnosis on-the-go...)

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
I'm curious, why did your organization choose to use these platforms in the lab? I'm not familiar with any devices that use POWER8 at all. How do you handle other equipment that requires x86/x64 software? Are all the other tools used in this environment open source, and support cross compiling for these architectures?

T. Pearson Jul 11, 2018
How about a build for ppc64le? That platform has performance to spare and would be a good fit in our lab environment.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Thanks for mentioning this. Unfortunately we don't currently have official ARM support planned for our software.
That said, we do have someone working on this part time, and we have a little more than half of the technical hurdles figured out. There are still some open questions with regards to performance and capabilities. We're not yet willing to publically commit to this, but I encourage you and anyone else interested to check in with support for updates from time to time.