Need to add higher layers on top of existing protocol analyzers


The software should allow the user to customize the display of low-level protocol analyzer results.


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Jacek Jul 11, 2018
This is wat i need. It is not convenient in upper level to anlyse bytes. I would like to change specified frame of bytes to specified text.

MotusC Jul 11, 2018
I have to debug a weird SPI protocol where 8 data-bits are followed by an unused 9th bit (similar to parity bit).
It would be great to to have a separate calculation channels with some basic math, where you can do calculations on the output of the analysers. In my case, I could insert a calculation like this: " myCalculationChannel = MOSI >> 1 " (i.e. shift right by one bit).

originally from: ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/17936365-extended-8-1-9-bit-spi-decoding

Joris Jul 11, 2018
I can't believe there are no more votes for this! This would make the software super duper awesome! Currently I end up exporting decoded data as CSV, and then run them through a python script after which I can read it in excel.

I am tempted to get an USBee as they seem to have a decent implementation of this (www.usbee.com/suite.html) but I'd much rather stay with saleae.

goeck Jul 11, 2018
That is excactly what I've been waiting for since the very start of my saleae logic experience. Seeing is believing and thus I am able to see what's going on on the lines. But, I always have to learn the datasheets resp. the protocols of each single IC that's involved. Instead of learning, I would have easily hacked together a translation scheme with the 10 to 50 ordered Bytes, or derived them from a C/Arduino library.
I'd like to see the interpretation of the bytes that fly over the lines. But as of now, I always thought that would involve the SDK which is too much work for me, just to get some names ans strings printed there.
Having a really simple way to achieve this would be fun.
Also I really like Freeks idea of having notes/annotations made visible to the user when clicking on the strings or hovering over them.

Hope this comes with one of the next releases. Freaking out!
Keep up the good work.

Freek Jul 11, 2018
I guess the idea is to add a parser on top of the low level analyser for example to show the register names from the datasheet?
In that case I would really appreciate this idea, because now most of the time I'm parsing the csv files for that and generate a new csv. But that has no nice GUI and is sort of hacked together. If it is powsible to show register names and stuff like that and make it visible next to the original byte value that would be nice.
Also when adding that maybe think of an option to also add like larger descriptions, think for example of register descriptions. These can maybe made vissible by clicking on them.

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
This is key component in the next generation software in development now. Can't wait. You can follow along with the progress here: discuss.saleae.com.