Math and logic functions, and creating traces in software


I think some simple math functions like add, subtract, multiply, AND, OR, XOR, and NOT would be very helpful. For example trace 2 minus trace 1 to make a new trace, like what is in differential signals like RS485. Or how about Comparing the inputs and outputs of an ADC or DAC vs the digital signals and calculated the idea value from from the input. Then subtracting that idea value from the measured value to compare them.


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
Boolean A-B please for analyzing LVDS!!!!!!!!

mfides Jul 11, 2018
A framework for filter plug-ins would be more powerful and easier to implement.
Each filter instance would add a new calculated channel with any combination of sources and custom processing.

ashfixit Jul 11, 2018
A-B output is the needful thing for differential inputs in analog or digital domains.

berge472 Jul 11, 2018
I would really like this because it would also be useful for setting a channel to measure voltage across a sense resistor and converting that to current consumption of a system.

Ritchie Jul 11, 2018
Agreed with Jim's comments regarding boolean logic. This type of thing is what makes mixed hardware/software analyzers much more attractive than hardware-only ones.

Jim Kirk Jul 11, 2018
Beyond simple math like channel1 * (channel3 - channel2)

Ideally, there should be no restrictions as far as math function and number of channels as long as it's computable...
log10(abs(channel1*channel2))/sqrt(abs(channel3))+channel4^channel5 ...

For logic, adding a trace that is a Boolean expression of captured channels would be nice. channel1 XOR (channel2 AND channel4) Again, ideally no limit to the boolean expression

Guest Jul 18, 2018
I would be grateful for having virtual math channels too as Jim suggests. And please don't forget the ability to trigger on such virtual channels. That would be a blast! - thanks guys for your awesome work!

Guest Nov 16, 2018
Just give me a way to make my own functions. Graph values that were sampled by a SPI ADC. Graph speed of a stepper based on step rate. Graphing should appear on display like an analog channel but be channel Math 1, Math 2.

Steven Sep 13, 2019
Was very surprised this is missing. Looking at differential signals and measuring a current waveform across a resister are two thing I'm commonly doing with both stand-alone oscilloscopes and spice models.

Joe Garrison Sep 16, 2019
Agreed. It's on the roadmap for early Q1 2020. Can't wait...

Follow along with the Logic 2.0 Alpha development here: discuss.saleae.com

Gregoire Nov 12, 2019
You need to do A-B in order to have support for all MIPI phy stuff.

Forrest Jan 6, 2020
Very interested in this for RS-485