Logic should be electrically isolated from the PC


The user should not have to worry about ground loops.


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H. Smith Jul 11, 2018
Here is a USB 2.0 Isolator.


Q Jul 11, 2018
I would recommend Saleae sale an add-on for this. I can see extra costs especially if you design this correctly. If you make all the channels isolated from each other (like a bunch of differential probes) that can be costly but may be necessary for some people.

I believe it should be very easy to plug in an add-on to the existing 100mil connectors of the pods.

DG Jul 11, 2018
Running it from a laptop does not solve the issue - if you are testing high voltage equipment (like an electric utility meter) and using an isolation transformer, the potential can be brought through the ground rail of the USB to the notebook casing... brushing against the "neutral" casing of the load on the meter and your notebook will give you a jolt. I speak from personal knowledge.

pmerana Jul 11, 2018
Why does someone not make a USB3 to optical to USB3 to isolate?

LesG Jul 11, 2018
Just run it from a laptop! I'm doing that anyway because it is more convenient on my bench

KisCsillag Jul 11, 2018
External opto kit is the easiest solution.

KisCsillag Jul 11, 2018
Surge protection also important for instruments.
ESD (TVS), EMI/RFI (ferrit bead/ring) on USB.

KisCsillag Jul 11, 2018
There are USB optoisolators, maybe sell them separately.

Boris Jul 11, 2018
Good feature, if any groups of inputs will be isolated individually. But I think it is too difficult and expensive to do that for analog channels.

Anton Jul 11, 2018
You could try USB Isolator chip like this: www.ebay.com/itm/like/251485526057