Logic probe


Just "live" logic probe to observe slow signals at digital channels.


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c172cpt Jul 11, 2018
I like this idea, I think it would be a happy "in the mean time" compromise to the real time view suggestion (which is still at #1 overall) :)

Ben Tucker Jul 11, 2018
It might also be nice to enable an input to function as logic probe and use the LED to indicate Low, High, Oscillating states.

Bill Rau Jul 11, 2018
I think this would be really neat and would not have to update really fast as the human eye is not going to catch anything visually that lasts for less than about 100mS anyway. However if you decide to do this, the faster you can sample the better, I would love to see a pulse stretched indication like old style logic probes had. In other words, any transitions from Hi/Lo or vice versa, would turn on an indication that would last for say 250mS on screen so that one could tell that there is fast activity there. I hope you do choose to add this "Logic Probe" feature as it would be very helpful for the amateur stuff I do.

Guest Jul 11, 2018
Now I see it is similar to "Add real-time view"

Guest Apr 13, 2019
On the old HP 1630/1650 series, there is an icon on the configuration menu that shows the current state of the probe - hi, low, and stretched transition. Much like the trigger icon on the probe setting box, so it would need to be different to avoid confusion, but it's useful to have it. It not only gives a quick view of state, but as you attach the probe and, in many cases, it starts to transition, you can tell you made a good connection.

Guest Aug 30, 2019
Would be very nice!
And for analog signal, show last voltage measured and average voltage of the slot of time showed in the screen (like an oscilloscope does)

Joe Garrison Sep 4, 2019
Good stuff! - we'll get this into the new Alpha by the end of the Month (September). discuss.saleae.com