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It would be great to add the option to log to disk, so that we would be able to analyze a much longer period.

The feature could include the restriction to just view one portion of the logged data, but it would give the ability to track very rare bugs


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Right now, we have our list of recommendations for working around these limitations here:


Ultimately we do want to support logging to disk. In the past, I've done a cursory investigation to see what this would take in terms of development effort, with the hopes that memory mapped files could be used as a quick solution for this. Unfortunately, the way we store data would make it a huge challenge. Instead, we want to hold off for now, and make this a requirement of the next architecture. It will be a while before that sees the light of day though, but we are working on hiring more developers to help now.

David66 Jul 11, 2018
Agreed, even if the penalty was a slower max capture rate, being able to keep it running for days and record would be an advantage, with a trigger line capable of auto pause and restart so the logging can be cut back by the use of trigger events, edge trigger for a time, high or low level trigger.

Infrequent bugs are hard to capture and the easier it is to start and leave knowing you will capture the event, even if left running for days