Keep zoom in protocol analyzer


I have often carefully adjusted the zoom to give me the exact details that gives the right compromise between overview and details. Look at the attached picture: I have adjusted the zoom just to be able to see the individual chars sent and received on the UART and still get some overview.

When using the very neat protocol analyzers and clicking on a decoded item in the scroll list of the Decoded Protocols Panel, it jumps to that location, BUT also zooms in all the way and thereby I LOSE the OVERVIEW I want!

I Suggest that the zoom would NOT CHANGE when clicking on an item in the Decoded Protocols Panel. By means of using a modifier like shift/command/ctrl-key in combination with the click, the old behaviour could still be available for those who only wants details.


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1km = 1024m Jul 11, 2018
And do not scroll the view when item is in view visible.
(needs: Highlight item in view when selecting in 'Decoded Protocols' and to not zoom.)