Intelligent mode for unknown asynchronous capture (serial triggering)


I just purchased this product and it seems nice to analyze known protocols. But (for reengineering) I have to read a specific non standard 30 bit protocol. It would be nice if I could capture something (anything) and tell the software after (by highlight with the mouse) where the frame is I am interested in, or better on which start / stop it has to take care for. Even better or more enhanced, if software by itself sees (intelligent) the repeating pattern (eg. every 30 bit a sequence of whatever (1111111010 in my case).
If the software can do that it might be a really great feature.
Because I think all (most?) serial protocols must have a repeating pattern.
So it will be an intelligent serial triggering somehow. As it is now, there if no big use for me.


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ErkiLeitaru Jul 11, 2018
I have similar idea - have GUI for custom protocol development. I downloaded the SDK but I am not hardcore C++ programmer.

The workflow could be like this:
1. Capture some data
2. Enter manually the clock rate (this can be detected automatically for 1 wire connection)
3. Use mouse to select startbit, different meaning of next bits, select CRC part and so on