Have the ability to crop the data to save only what is needed.


Have the ability to crop the data to save only what is needed. With analog, the files are getting huge very quickly...


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
The hard part here is slicing the data structures we use to store digital and analog samples natively, which is why this hasn't been done yet. I like the idea of using the export dialog - that would also make it easier to only save certain channels too.

MotusC Jul 11, 2018
You could also add the .logicdata file Format to the Export Dialog. This way, we could Export just a time range to .logicdata and then re-import the file.

RobN Jul 11, 2018
This suggestion is the same as "Partial Save" and "Saving .logicdata between timing markers". All three should be rolled into one, and the votes combined!

Being able to select which lines to save could be useful as well.

Ulrich Herrmann Jul 11, 2018
Yes, please add this. My inbox keeps getting flooded with 400MB+ traces by our customers.

Curryman Jul 11, 2018
This is in my opinion the problem if there is the need to share captured data by email. I have often to capture 30s-50s with analog data because I do not know when the problem happen. Also a triggering is not possible. So I have to capture the everything and look for the problem. But the problem can be seen in a very short time (several ms).
But now I have Files with 2-4G and compressed still 150MB. That is for email communication and archiving not usable.
Please implement is as soon as possible

JustFlotsom Jul 11, 2018
Oh yes, please. Pick this one!