Have a Trigger output wire in order to trigger an Osciloscope


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
An external trigger output would dramatically improve the Logic devices. I often had to find hardware failures caused by power and signal integrity issues. MSOs helped but before those the logic analyzer trigger capabilities were often needed. MSOs are often not very good analyzers.

jlm Jul 11, 2018
this could be performed using 3 party HW like a COM Port, without HW modification for low cost triggering on previous HW

WaTech Jul 11, 2018
This is an excellent idea. Essentially, it would allow you to use an affordable oscilloscope as an MSO. MSO's are typically much more expensive than a standard O-scope. With this feature, a Logic would more than pay for itself when coupled with an Oscilloscope. In my opinion, this is would make Logics more attractive than the more expensive LogicStudio.

Jan Kok Jul 11, 2018
Could also be used to reset the device under test.

artag Jul 11, 2018
This would also allow Logics to be interconnected and share a timebase.