Greater Contrast, brighter, and bolder scope traces and text


Greater Contrast, brighter, and bolder scope traces and text

It would be best if we could increase the brightness and the contrast of the channel traces and the texts. This is very useful when inserting the images on a document and printing them. With the current setup, the scope traces as well as the texts are barely visible when printed.

Please see attached image for the ideal brightness and contrast.


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BMel Jul 11, 2018
Please adjust the color scheme, or allow us to set colors. The default low-contrast colors give me eyestrain when using your software for long lengths of time.
Not to mention that I'm tired of doctoring screenshots in Photoshop to make them decent to print or include in other documents.

Ed2 Jul 11, 2018
For print screen documentation purposes the DARK background is a toner eater. I'd like to see a print screen and an extra PRINT to PNG/JPG suitable for a document w/o the extra screen decorations but more like a professional image color traces on white with signal names and not channel numbers.

Also for this reason it would be nice to have measurements in mid signal so decoded data above signal is not over written.

I like the extra care to details you guy do, but the one I don't see value is in when I mouse close to a decoded signal it DIMS OUT for my measured annotation.

To me seems like keep the Annotations on different heights (Y values) is easiest.

pk Jul 11, 2018
There was also a post earlier about changing a background color. Perhaps a "theme" approach - white background with color traces and light grey time markers across all the wave forms? This would definitely save printers ink!!!

pk Jul 11, 2018
Perhaps add to this - allow changing trace colors and trace line width size. This will allow users to define which traces to be highlighted and put a logical meaning to "red" and "green" traces.

Ritchie Jul 11, 2018
Having a printout, pdf, or bitmap export use a different print or view-only optimized "style sheet" compared to the main UI would be great.

saleae user xjk Jul 11, 2018
Though in your picture green and yellow is too close. So ideally this would be a user setting that can be adapted, where you can play with contrast settings, and color balance etc. Or simply globally pick colors for every channel.

This is especially useful when having color vision deficiency.

tschl Jul 11, 2018
yes, the software with the actual colors is very ugly. For printing you have a complete black sheet, very nice for the manufactures of toner. i cant see on my netboot the text without setting the light of maximum

Guest Oct 29, 2018
I like the dark interface because it is easier on my eyes and looks more pleasing, but I agree more contrast would be nice. I think it would be nice to have the option to set themes.

Guest Feb 22, 2019
In my case, the main problem is to show the view with a projector for my students. Especially the contrast and the dark gray background are not well represented by it. The signal lines are to small and the text is also to small.