FFT Spectrum Analyzer


FFT Spectrum Analyzer to view analog signals in the frequency domain.

Requested features:

o Display Real Time FFT Display
o Average mode with Peak Hold Feature
o Ability to specify frequency bandwidth (Low Band Limit, High Band Limit, Freq Res. Hz)
o Ability to output spectrum data to cvs file


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swshouse Jul 11, 2018
Could also use this in many of my projects. I am infact having to buy a low end oscilloscope in addition to the saleae exactly to get the FFT function would be an invaluable addition.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Hi MartinKopik, You're right, and I'm sorry it's not done yet. We wrote up our thoughts about this here: blog.saleae.com/real-time-view-and-other-delays/

I'd like to say we're getting to this soon, but there is a lot in the way first. The good news is that we're actively hiring software developers right now, which will help speed up development and get us back to a regular release cycle.

MartinKopcik Jul 11, 2018
This is such a basic functionality and I'm surprised even after 2 years it is not implemented. I originally bought this product for its logic analysis features but it would be very handy on my current project. These little features are a big selling point because it the the capabilities of the software which sell the HW. If I was buying the scope today based on my today's needs, I would end up buying something else and never run into your awesome Saleae product.

BrianM Jul 11, 2018
I agree, this would be an awesome feature. Once an analog channel has been captured, I would see this as a 'Toggle Time/Frequency Domain'. Of course with so many potential samples, this may get computationally heavy but if users understand what theyre doing it is really informative and certainly faster than loading into Excel or Matlab just to view an FFT