Display decoded i2s data as analogue channel(s)


When debugging and looking for issues with an audio codec, working with I2S data and analogue capture side by side can be very useful and can be done in an audio editor.
Showing decoded I2S data as an analogue waveform directly in Logic would really make this process simpler and more convenient.


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KaiHP Jul 11, 2018
FabianoGK's idea could be generalized to showing an arbitrate decoded protocol as a virtual analog channel. This would make sense for a lot of sensors that are polled on a regular basis through an ADC, e.g. voltage, current, temperature, humidity, pressue, accellerometers, gyros, compasses.
Visualization could be points only (Gaps), sample-and-hold or 'connect data points with lines' (as in Excel).

FabianoGK Jul 11, 2018
Another idea would be to create virtual channels with the analog value of each audio channel. This way, besides being able to visually inspect the waveforms, one could apply the measurement annotations too.