DHT11/DHT22 Protocol Analyzer


Add support for the "1-Wire-like" protocol used by temperature/humidity sensors, such as DHT11, DHT21, DHT22, RHT03, AM2302 etc.


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Awesome Jake!! If you need any help debugging, just send a email to support. Since you forked the sample analyzer, it will be very easy for us to provide support or compiled binaries for windows / mac / linux. When you finish it, let me know over support so we can link to it from our list of community made analyzers here: support.saleae.com/protocol-analyzers/unofficially-supported-protocols

Jake Jul 11, 2018
Actually I just started working on this: github.com/jakeson21/DHT2xProtocolAnalyzer

I'm testing it against an AOSONG AM2322B, which also uses a DHT2x 1-wire compatible protocol.

It is mostly working. Bits are detected and decoded into RH, Temp and CS and the text bubbles appear above the capture.

Bill Rau Jul 11, 2018
Actually this also would be helpful to the experimenter as these sensors are cheap and available, however, difficult to work with. I have ordered one to experiment with myself but have read many posts on the net about how hard these are to get working due to the rather unusual serial data protocol they use. Anything which could show that we are sending the right data to them, or what we are receiving from them, would be VERY helpful.