Delete regions in capture


It would be great to simply remove unrelevant regions from captured data by simply marking (set marker or just mouse drag) it and hit DEL. It should leave the timebase intact, so the deleted portions will leave timegaps in it. So one can focus on relevant parts of the signals


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
Hi Rob, sorry about that. I agree this would make data traversal much easier and reduce memory usage when exporting data. We are designing a brand new UI right now, but we have not yet committed on getting this feature added.

Rob N Jul 11, 2018
Ugh. I've been using 1.2.9 of the software, I was hoping by now the trim feature would be added, but it doesn't seem to be! >:-(
I'm not sure about deleting a region in the middle, but definitely trimming the leading/trailing data would be very helpful.

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
The current plan is to support trimming the end, and to support "extracting" a time region to a new tab, as well as collapsing regions that have no activity.

Deleting arbitrary regions is much harder and is not currently planned.