Decouple data collection from data introspection


These are two separate ideas that are currently combined in one app. By teasing out the data collection aspect, I think you can enable several of the ideas requested:

** Using hard drive space for longer/unlimited capture
** ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/5757668-using-hard-drive-space-for-longer-unlimited-captur

A file is a natural separation between these two activities. Reading from a file as it is written is well-supported on all OS's and should not significantly change the interface from the existing viewing logic (which was presumably blocking on more data from the USB port).

** Automatically feed exported data into custom script
** ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/5757641-automatically-feed-exported-data-into-custom-scrip

By not requiring the UI aspect for data collection, unattended and scripted runs become simple, first-class citizens.

** SCPI capability or user API
** ideas.saleae.com/forums/214303-saleae-ideas/suggestions/5763635-scpi-capability-or-user-api

The user API aspect of this request is functionally similar to the previous point. Given an API a SCPI compatibility layer could possibly be developed, though their interface doesn't map that well onto the average use case of the Saleae IMHO.