Create "user markers" while capturing by pressing keys


It can be painfull to look for an event in a long capture output, moreover when you where able to "see" it in real life (let's say servo glitch for example).
Would it be possible for the user to input dedicated markers while capturing by pressing
a key. Using keypad 0 to 9 would be easy to use.
To summarize : I start capture, I see something wrong in real life, I hit the "0" key, I see another thing wrong, I hit the "1" key. I stop capture. In the analyzer view, I can see when I hit both keys a look around them to find what went wrong.


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Robstar Jul 11, 2018
Good hack, @Vicam! Still, the suggestion might be useful :)

Vicam Jul 11, 2018
If you have an extra input on your logic you could connect that to the serial out of a terminal emulator on your computer. Then you can use an analyzer to decode it and have any key you can send as a marker.

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
This will be in the next-generation software, in fact it will be possible in the next alpha release. You can follow along here: discuss.saleae.com.