Count pulses / edges

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The software should allow you to easily count the number of pulses or transitions between specified points.


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ChrisEmsen Jul 11, 2018
Finally found it... See the section on "Using Measurements (persistent)" at support.saleae.com/user-guide/using-logic/measurements-timing-markers-and-bookmarks

Zaaphod Jul 11, 2018
I've owned my Saleae Logic Analyzer for just one day, and I've been trying to figure out how to get it to count the falling edges for a stepper motor control I'm analyzing. It's very important that if I send it 50,000 steps, I get 50,000 falling edges, not 50,001 or 49,999... it must be precise and the numbers are large.. too large to count manually... and I can't count by time because there are accelerations and deceleration involved. I just wanted to add to this idea to let the developers know there is a real NEED for a quick and easy way to count pulses or edges in a specified sample

MHz Jul 11, 2018
I storngly appreciate this idea. Maybe in addition or instead of the timing marker pair

WinstonSmith Jul 11, 2018
It would also be nice to know things like longest/shortest, positive/negative pulse.
Lets say I want to know how long is the longest interrupt in my system.

Duty cycle would also be a very nice feature.
Lets say I want to know the percentage of sleep time my system gets.

MAX10 Jul 11, 2018
Because 「EZ Gear」 does not support windows7, I feel there customers want.
I and our company want to use all means to monitor the CPU output of the motor control.

Boris Jul 11, 2018
Followed idea: count of bytes (or analyzer primitives) between time points. Useful for real data rate analyzing.