Connect more then one devices to one computer


and lunch them from one interface so they will be synchronized.
Another useful featureI would like to see is the hex value of a bus in the waveform


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Shenanigans Jul 11, 2018
I would also REALLY like to have this. We have 3-4 Logic16 devices and I'd really like to use more than one of them at a time.

AllanM Jul 11, 2018
I am trying to do the same thing. I have a Logic 16 and a Logic 8 on the same computer but the software seems to only be able to access one device at a time. I would like to use the 16 for a 16 bit data bus and the 8 for the control signals.

tvalenca Jul 11, 2018
As a hobbyist developer for old computers and video-games, I often have to deal with parallel buses, which Logic16 16 channels usually aren't enough. To me it will be an awesome feature if I can record signals from two or more Logic's connected to my Mac.