Capture Differential Signals


Allow to connect two probes to a differential pair (RS485, CAN, LVDS) and combine in hardware the signals to generate a single data stream.
It would be useful to have invalid or idle states being recorded along with the digital data.
Also the polarity and threshold should be configurable.


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CoreyMac Jul 11, 2018
This seems like a requirement given how many protocols seem to be migrating to differential signaling. Many of them seem like they are out of the frequency range of smaller analyzers like this so maybe that matters a little less. RS485 and CAN are the most common differential ones I see... Many devices are so small now that output/line level is the best and least damaging way to sample the signals. Since the Logic series can support > 5V now, this seems a worthy addition.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
We're definitely keeping this in mind for future hardware generations, as well as possible accessories. The current hardware generation couldn't do this properly though.

Empyreal Jul 11, 2018
... even 10 baseT signals could be looked at.

Guest May 24, 2019
Why is this a hardware issue at all? I mean, true hardware differential signal processing would be valuable but in the meantime, what's wrong with software differential on the raw ADC values?

Tim Reyes May 24, 2019
Good point. We do have math functions planned. Would something like this help out?


Guest May 24, 2019
Tim, actually yes. That's exactly what I was thinking about. Maybe this thread/idea should be restricted to capturing differential signals in hardware, which it seems would require new hardware.