Break the timeline if nothing is hapenning


Imagine logging a I2C (or SPI) communication. You get some transaction, then (sometimes) nothing is hapenning for a long time until next transaction. I would like to have an option not to display (scroll through) the steady state of the logged signals. Just having a grayed-out column as a "break" of the timeline and start again when a change happens. This may also save memory for what's important.
Thanks - Martin


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jgilbert Jul 11, 2018
What a great idea and so may people voted on it. Why has it been out there for so long..?

John_E30 Jul 11, 2018
Hewlentsight (hp/Agilent/Keysight) calls this Segmented Memory. It's been available in their scopes for a while, now. It does just what you want.
You setup the timebase / capture length for some convenient window size and set your trigger conditions. Each time the trigger is met it does one sweep of the window and time stamps it. You can then go back through the stored record and look at each event to see when it occurred.
It saves giant amounts of memory. You can leave the system running for days, if you want, and grab just the stuff that's interesting and throw away all of the dead space.

artag Jul 11, 2018
A bit of a variant on the same idea, but how about a dual-timebase display, where one channel shows data and another shows it at a different speed. This is similar to the 'zoom' display in digital scopes, but often the low-speed display is just an overview to show where the magnification is, not a useful display in it's own right.

IanJ Jul 11, 2018
Splendid idea, so long as the timestamps are still correlated. It would also be useful to just limit the scrolling to the scope of the data - to avoid the huge blank areas before and after the capture that I always seem to end up "lost" in when zooming around.

goeck Jul 11, 2018
This is a very good point which eases working with scattered data on the bus.
I also would like to see some kind of vertical zig-zag, maybe a graphically advanced version of it (some blurry stuff, or grayed out,...).
Up at the top on the timeline one could have some dots or as well a zig-zag icon and apart from this only the usual timepoints are shown, with correct timing values.
Of course letting the user choose whether he wants to activate this mode and if so, what is the threshold value in terms of time that can pass by since the last byte until this break is inserted.
Go go go :-)

Keep up the good work, guys.

Awesomenesser Jul 11, 2018
Adding a "zig zag" line break would be very helpful for creating documentation. Sometimes the space between the request and response is too great to display the information in one screenshot while being zoomed in far enough to see the analyzer information.

Guest Feb 4, 2019
I see that a lot of people are keen on real time and the strides you've made so far are pretty good but this seems on the surface to be relatively less difficult. Perhaps you could start off by adding it as a display option, then move on to implement it in real time.

Guest Feb 4, 2019
This probablly isn't the correct place to report this but all the posted dates and the Saleae response is displayed as the same date ie. Jul 11 2018

Tim Feb 4, 2019
Thanks for the feedback. We transitioned our ideas site to a new platform on July 11, 2018. Unfortunately, we didn't have a clean way to modify all the dates to reflect when they were actually posted, and so, they were simply transitioned as new posts on that day.

Tim Feb 4, 2019
By the way, regarding this idea, we've got it planned. We don't have a release date for it yet, but we are putting most of our software efforts on our new UI (in Alpha). Once we can release the new UI to production, we will begin working on our Planned ideas. See below for details on the new UI if you are interested in following our progress: