Automatically feed exported data into custom script


A lot of times I need to parse the data captured by Saleae into a custom script I write, sometimes it's Bash, sometimes Python, sometimes it's a EXE I compiled.

It would be nice if there was a automated post-capture script that can execute, where I specify something like

hcidecoder.exe $(serial[0]) $(serial[1])

One possible use case is for me to capture stuff on two UART HCI signals on a Bluetooth device, the two data files here in my example are the CSV exports of the Saleae UART decoder. They can then be fed into my hcidecoder.exe that converts raw bytes into HCI packets, and then launch Wireshark to further analyze the data in a high level fashion.

All Saleae has to do is implement a simple post-build parser that provides macros like $(i2c[0]) and export the data in standard formats to temporary files. (I find it annoying to manually saving a bunch of data files that I only examine once, especially when I need two or three files per session)

I understand that I can write a decoder for HCI using the SDK but why would I do that when Wireshark is sooooo much more suitable at it?


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Allan Jul 11, 2018
May I suggest to use the device SDK to make a nice little application that just dumps the Bluetooth HCI frames (BCSP, H5?) into a pcap file or feed frames to Wireshark through a pipe for live decoding rather than fiddle with post processing using scripts.