Async Serial Screen for UART communication


I want to watch serial port messages on a serial port screen. it is hard to track in protocol segment.


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
If data is in packets, set packet length and preamble

ralph Jul 11, 2018
+1 this would be awesome! like a standard syslog

Guestring Oct 30, 2018
How about an officially supported (github) repo to do this?

* Python 3 / asyncio based
* terminal client connects to saleae via socket
* py application captures uart stream and prints it out (just like as if it would have been a FTDI usb/uart adapter)


* The interface could offer a wrapper-class so that it mirrors what pyserial would do, this way making it very easy to utilize the saleae as a drop-in replacement to uart-style log/debugging.

Tom Hughes Mar 15, 2019
Related issue: SALEAE-I-260

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
The current plan is to allow the serial analyzer (and other analyzers) to dump to a terminal/console window (standard out).

Guestring May 23, 2019
Wow!! Awesome