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It would be nice to be able to change the widths of the side panes so that labels are not truncated. I use larger windows fonts to improve legibility. It would be nice if the pane could be widened so that a longer label could fit. The same issue is on the right side.
For example, the timing marker delta time label is often cut off on the right so I can't read the units.

I need to increase text sizes to make them legible. In Windows, I use a larger font with high resolution rather than the default font sizes with a lower resolution. However many applications seem to handle this configuration poorly, especially where text appears in an edit field in a dialog box. The box holding the text is often too small. I'm not a GUI developer so I am not familiar with the issues that cause this problem. I am wondering if the text size information could be determined so that a field can be sized according to the text size.

Thanks for the opportunity.


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Shep Jul 11, 2018
I would also like to see sizeable panes. I would like to expand the protocol decode window so I can see all of the text without a mouse-over. Also, If I use a long channel name, it only shows the first few characters, which makes using a verbose channel name counter productive.

eblot Jul 11, 2018
It think it would be nice to have dockage panes: it should be possible to move the decoded protocol pane around, so that for example, when using few signals, the pane could be moved to the bottom of the signal waveform pane (vs. hardcoded to the right-most position), in order to show the decoded frame without being truncated. The current layout is great with 8 or more signals, but not very handy for protocols with very few signals.

Roy Eltham Jul 11, 2018
I use Qt at my job, and allowing the side panels to be adjustable width and height should be pretty easy. Should be able to put a QSplitter into your window with the side panels and the main view on either side, then put a QSplitter between each of the side panels. With that uses could adjust the side panels to be wider and also adjust each side panels height relative to the others.

You can go even farther and make all your panels dock-able windows, Then users can size and arrange them however they want. See the QDockWidget class.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Hi Allan,

First, that unit falling off the edge sounds like a bug. I'm working on reproducing it now. Could you tell me what version of Windows you are using, and what font size settings you are using? Also please check to make sure you're using the latest version, 1.2.13. Lastly, please send in a screenshot to support. (Guest)
Unfortunately notifications are disabled for ideas.saleae.com. This is actually a legacy Uservoice service for collecting user feedback, and it really needs to be migrated to a newer, easier to use system. Unfortunately we don't have the bandwidth to work on it right now.
The good news is that we're currently gearing up to work on a UI migration to a new front end technology, and we're currently hiring for developers to help with that. The new front end will be much easier to make large-font compatible. (and it will also be much easier to make the sidebar resizeable)

In the short term, I would like to get this issue reproduced, because I was unable to get the time unit to get trimmed off of the edge of the sidebar, with standard font sizes. Then I would like to get this fixed with the current software.

AllanM Jul 11, 2018
By the way, I cannot find a way to edit my profile to enable notifications. Is there such a thing?

AllanM Jul 11, 2018
Sorry for taking so long to respond to your request for a screen shot. I didn't know anyone had replied and I hadn't checked back to the forum in a while. If I got email notifications, I might have known about your request. I will check my profile to see if I have notifications enabled (if that is an option).

Anyway, I am not quite sure how to post a screenshot. I do not see any buttons for this on the web form and I am loath to try to paste an image to a web text form. For now, I will try to explain better what I want:

The right side of the GUI has a panel where Annotations, Analyzers, Decoded Protocols, etc. are displayed. This panel has a fixed width. Under the Annotations tab is a field displaying the time difference between the two the timing markers A1 and A2. Very often, the number of digits trails off past the right side of the window and I cannot see the digits or the units text (i.e. us, ms, s, etc). For example, at the moment I am looking at a A2-A1 time of 0.1895416667 but the units are not visible.

The only way I have to determine the units is to move one of the markers a little bit until the precision of the number is reduced enough that it fills less of the field and the units are visible.

I would like to be able to click on the number to get a scroll bar, perhaps select and copy the text or click on the right panel's left border to drag it to the left to make the whole panel wider to try to display the remaining digits or units.

I would also be happy if the units were displayed in a separate field altogether so that the units do not get pushed off to the side.

The left panel with the channel names has similar problems. Sometimes, I like to name the channels according to some name on a schematic or something and if the name is a bit long all I see is 7 characters and 3 ellipses.

I do not have good eyesight so my windows fonts are bigger than default. This causes a lot of problems on many dialogs that have fixed-width text boxes. I am not sure if this is the particular case here or the problem with Saleae Logic is unrelated.

If you still need a screenshot, please furnish instructions.


Jona Jul 11, 2018
Agreed. I have to squint a lot and I am constantly moving things around trying to get a better view of my data. The Text is indeed to small, It would be nice to have a higher contrast UI.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
ramstadt, could you send screenshots to support, with notes about which areas in particular you would like to see improved? I would like to make sure that gets attached to our UI/UX notes.

ramstadt Jul 11, 2018
This is a HUGE problem for me. It is really difficult to read the text in some places.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Hi Allan,

You're definitely right about this. One of the big constrains with the UI system we're using now (QT) is that it makes this kind of dynamic sizing a real pain. That, combined with the fact that many of the UI elements in our software are images, makes it very hard to scale. The last thing we did in this regard is just setup the software so it will tell Windows that it can't handle font scaling on it's own, and that the OS should just scale the entire UI up evenly.
The right solution to this problem is to switch from a QT front end to a HTML5 one. HTML 5 will let us handle these kinds of problems much more easily. We've been trying to work that into the architecture for a while now, and it's a big project - which is why we're hiring software developers. In the mean time, I unfortunately can't provide an estimate on this, as per our explanation here: blog.saleae.com/software-feature-development-expectations/

Guest Oct 29, 2018
Some of the signals I probe have long names so this would be nice. Also, a lot of the decoder text is too small for some of the engineers I work with to read easily.