Allow Multiple Logic devices to be used in the Logic software at the same time


It would be nice if the Logic software could support two (or more) logic devices at the same time. That way customers who have the original all digital version can purchase a newer unit and simply add it to what they already have. It could allow for system expansion (More channels) to be done gradually making it more affordable to some. It may help people decide to make a second purchase if they knew their older device can still be used. Also, my thought would be that two 8 Channel devices would allow faster speeds than one 16 channel since there would be two processors and two USB ports.


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redcoat Jul 11, 2018
Another vote for this feature, but I also understand that accurate synchronisation could be a problem. Perhaps you need to have a common clock channel across each device so it can be post-capture synchronised?

Adrian-Autoliv Jul 11, 2018
Honestly, this should be renamed to "next logic pro should have 32 channels".
That's gonna be way simpler, cheaper to do than synchronizing two LP 16.

Jarrod Roberson Jul 11, 2018
USB bus is a shared bus if on the same controller, multiple devices on the same bus would just cause contention. If you have multiple physical USB controllers in your computer it would be more useful.

DG Jul 11, 2018
Clock synchronization may be difficult, but it would be useful.

pmerana Jul 11, 2018
I need this capability as well. I need more than 16 bits for a project. Can we use 2 different PCs and have a single trace as the common trigger (say a chip select). Capture data on multiple PCs with multiple logics and then combine the data into one file?

Guest Jul 28, 2019
I work a lot on systems that require more than 16 channels to see everything that is going on due to the use of multiple 8 bit address and data busses. I love the tools you make but end up having to use something else just because I needs a few more channels. Either being able to link 2 LP 16s or coming out with a LP 32 would be incredibly useful as all of the other features your software has is indispensable, especially when I am dealing with an intermittent problem.

Joe Garrison Jul 30, 2019
Thanks for the feedback Adam. Our intent is for the next generation hardware products to work out of the box. It's also my intent to support captures from multiple devices simultaneously, which does introduce some synchronization issues, but should work well enough to be worth it for most users.

All that said, both of these are ~1 year out I'm afraid. Software development is proceeding at a good clip, but there are a lot of great features and capabilities ahead in the queue.