Allow higher capture speed for 5 to 16 channels in Logic Pro 16

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With the Logic 16, we could capture up to 3 channels at 100MS/s, then up to 6 at 50MS/s, then 7 at 40MS/s, 8 at 32MS/s, etc...
With the Logic Pro 16, the max capture speed is either 500MS/s for up to 4 channels or 100MS/s for 5 to 16 channels.
If the data from 16 channels at 100MS/s can be captured and transferred on the USB 3.0 connection, then surely we can capture at more than 100MS/s if we are only using 6 or 8 channels for example.
Being able to capture at 250MS/s or 200MS/s for 5 to 8 channels would be very useful.


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Jim H Jul 11, 2018
This is the main reason I have not upgraded my Logic 16 to a Logic 16 Pro.