Add the ability to scroll horizontally, vertically, and use pinch-in/pinch-out for zooming


When using a graphical interface that supports 2D scrolling, why not give the option to support:
- horizontal scrolling for moving the time line back and forth,
- vertical scrolling for moving over the signals up and down
- shift-vertical scroll to zoom in

and when there's a multitouch gesture based input such as the synaptic trackpads (as featured on latest macbooks or lenovos) or a magic mouse like mouse (even microsoft offers one!) include as well:
- pinch-in to zoom out
- pinch-out to zoom in
- configurable multi-finger moves to do jumps (e.g. jump to the next decoded frame)

It looks like you're using Qt to build your app (but I might be wrong), and it's super easy to actually implement such change with it, and that would change the UX radically, so it's becoming a pleasure to use :-)

And the plus thing with that would be to have several modifiers for doing fine zooming, as suggested in another suggestion:



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ikrase Jul 11, 2018
I agree. The logic software would greatly benefit from user-configurable multidirectional scrolling and touchscreen support.