Add lower sample rates so the devices work better as data loggers.


The new products with analog input would be great as data loggers for long term events. The software should support this better by having much lower sample rates. What would be ideal would be to sample at a higher rate and support peak detection in the display of data.


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018

Lower analog sample rates will be included in the next version of the software(v1.2.0). The new analog sample rates will be 5kS/s, 1kS/s, 100S/s, and 10S/s.

Charles Henderson

Ornea Jul 11, 2018
I would buy a Logic8 in a snap if the software provided the option to arbitrarily set a low analogue sample rate such a 1 Hz 0.1Hz or lower for long term data logging

It would on the surface appear to be a trivial option, but as it has not been provided I suspect the device does not lend itself to this type of sampling.

It would be a great way to log anything, temperatures, humidity, batt volt etc.

Jo Jul 11, 2018
Good suggestion!
For long-term historical data I need for 24 hours = 1.440 minutes or 86.400 seconds.
Interval = 1 second

TomBar Jul 11, 2018
Great suggestion, I would also love this as I want to sample for 10s of seconds on my laptop and have no need for anything like the minimum sample rate currently available to me (625kS/s).

Eric_S Jul 11, 2018
Adding a choosable vertical resolution and richer triggeroptions wouldn't be to shabby either.

Being able log at 1Hz and then sample at ... some rate untill some other condition is met would be golden. Like an edge condition, sample time, or some modulo counter.

But it's not really first on the long list I'd imagine.

r00x Jul 11, 2018
I have a situation where I want to monitor multiple battery voltages over a long period of time (charging/discharging) using a Logic Pro 16. It would be perfect for this, if only I were able to sample at rates as low as 10-100Hz!!

KisCsillag Jul 11, 2018
Also for digital data, unlimited time before trigger would be nice.