Add I2S-to-audio export


Many times I've successfully used Logic to capture I2S data and then exported them to CSV, converted to binary and imported into Audacity. Would be nice to be able to generate raw audio file directly from the analyzer. This will require the parsers to be able to add custom export functions


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jan Jul 11, 2018
There is 3rd party software for this:

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
I agree. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get to this for a while - we have a lot of higher priority stuff we need to do first. But it is worth mentioning that right now, this could be done using a 3rd party tool to convert the CSV file to WAV. Also, the I2S analyzer source code is available, in case anyone would like to add this themselves. support.saleae.com/saleae-api-and-sdk/protocol-analyzer-sdk

David66 Jul 11, 2018
Another vote for audio export.

Philippe Patron Jul 11, 2018
I vote for WAV export!
Or even better: a 'play' button to hear directly the I2S samples.

Tom Aug 20, 2019
vote too!
I would be very happy about such a function, too (please with direct play button)

garnet*0 Dec 3, 2019
How can i convert using PCM2Wav-py?