Add "digital PWM" decoding


For lack of a better term, it would be nice to have a decoder that interprets a short pulse as a one and a long pulse as a zero.

See this electronics.stackexchange.com question for an example: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/145714/what-encoding-is-used-in-this-signal

That example has a fixed frequency and the data is encoded as 50% duty cycles.

A related protocol that would be nice as well is where the pulse is fixed and the gap-width varies to indicate the value (a digital variant on PWM), as with NEC code IR remotes: www.ectech.in/p_12.htm


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Mike Spivey Jul 11, 2018
Options similar to the existing serial decoder would be welcome. I am dealing with a signal that has a wide pulse as a start bit, then 8 data bits, then a narrow pulse as a stop bit. Wide/narrow should be configurale as 0/1 or 1/0, and the bit order should be configurable as LSB or MSB first.