Add custom software scaling to analog capture.


Allow for software compensation for external voltage dividers used to scale measured voltages to within hardware maximums. (Like, for example, a 20:1 voltage divider circuit to probe uP control of 120VAC mains or 1000:1 voltage divider to probe uP control of HV power supplies.)


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Friedl Jul 11, 2018
I would vote for adding support for NTC thermistor type temperature sensors as shown at www.petervis.com/electronics%20guides/calculators/thermistor/thermistor.html

BrianLewis Jul 11, 2018
Some other data acquisition products allow for scaling/offsets in order to represent readings from transducers into the appropriate units. In my application, this is a current sensor which outputs a voltage proportional to the current, with an offset of 2.5V to allow for negative currents to be represented. Other examples are pressure sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, strain gauges. Many things can be converted into sensed units with a simple "y = (scalar * ADin) + offset" transform.

Guest Sep 11, 2018
I think this is not needed if will be implemented this feature: ideas.saleae.com/ideas/SALEAE-I-351

Then you should create math function 42*CH1 or log(CH2) * 20 to create logarithmic view, ....