Add ability to zoom vertically for analog channels


Please give us ability to zoom on the analog channels vertically, or at least be able to set fixed scale on that. It does not matter how (key+mouse like the shitft+mouse for region), but it is a bad joke that this is not possible.


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Nice find in the settings file, I didn't think of that!
We are working on proper Graph vertical zoom and pan now, and the ability to just grab and drag the channel height to any height is coming soon after that. Feel free to check in here, on the blog, or through support for updates.

dstahlke Jul 11, 2018
Workaround: close the GUI, open Settings/settings.xml in a text editor, and change the number in the mSizeScale tags. You can set large scale factors (e.g. 24) to get a full screen view of an analog channel.

jaqijak Jul 11, 2018
Please also add a line for the ground reference (0 V). Currently it displays only a min an a max values, which makes it difficult to identify positive and negative voltage on the Pro versions.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Sorry for the delays with this. As of today, our high level roadmap is to get to this after:
1) finishing basic real time view
2) finishing improvements to the protocol search system (specifically proper real time view support)
This is subject to change, but the analog graphs are a high priority for me.

dstahlke Jul 11, 2018
At least give more options than 1x,2x,4x,8x for channel height. On my monitor 8x is only 2 inches high. 32x would be nice.

knooien Jul 11, 2018
If one only uses 1 or 2 channels , it is as if one is looking at an empty screen...

Guest Aug 7, 2018
I think it was mentioned in the original post, but I just want to be clear that my biggest request on this matter is to be able to set my upper and lower limits manually. If I want to compare across multiple captures I don't want the software to auto-scale. I want to, for example, explicitly set the upper limit to +5 V and the lower limit to -5 V.