Add a USART text mode / USART bridge module


It would be nice to be able to use the Logic device as a USART bridge, i.e., a) use a text-based display for USART data like a terminal (minicom etc.) and b) provide an interface to send keystrokes and binary data to the DUT in real-time or via pre-recorded impulses.

a) is a simple improvement to the way USART data is presented; the current vertical mode does not lend itself to lengthy debug output.
b) would simplify a very common setup during testing/debugging.


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Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
The plan is to support a terminal/console-like serial display, but there is no current specific plan to support serial output. It is something I've thought a lot about tho :)

Amos Manneschmidt

Does Logic Pro even have a physical means of driving the lines? I thought it was mostly a bunch of caps, inductors, and resistors to make a high order noise filter before going into an ADC and/or analog comparator array.