Add a continuous logging mode


Sometimes, when tracking a very difficult to reproduce issue, it takes long time to keep tracking the data. For example, I would setup a computer to open UART logging function and leave it for a entire day or even overnight. In the second day, I would analysis these large of amount of data to see if there are anything worth to be checked and something could be linked to the root cause.

As we know that, the saleae software interface so far only allow us to setup for a short period of time and it depends on the system memory.
However, my idea was that to implement a continuous logging mode which would start capturing and record data everytime trigging condition is meet.
For instance, the setting up to capture a 10 seconds data and trigging condition is to capture a falling edge from a channel. In this mode, it would capture and record 10 seconds data when it 's trigged and then wait for the next. So that, it should only take same amount of system memory every time.


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Agreed. Right now, this can be done with the scripting socket API, and several Logic users are already doing it. The scripting socket API can be used to automate the process of starting a capture, saving that capture to disk, and then starting another capture. Details here:
Ultimately though, we would want the software to be able to do this out of the box too though.

YBt Jul 11, 2018
This would be very useful for overnight tests. Let the system run and acquire as many triggered events as there are instead of only one. The triggered event could be saved into a tab and/or to the disk before restarting the trigger.

Gunther Jul 11, 2018
Sounds similar to what I could use right now. Additionally I would like the option to save each capture to file with a simple index number appended to the filename. Wait trigger->triggered->capture data->save to disk-> rearm trigger.

Randy Jul 11, 2018
Got a really tough problem to track here that requires this particular function. Need to see what was happen up to the time the trigger mechanism stops happening..

schmitt trigger Jul 11, 2018
Triggering on an event is what I really miss from using more powerful logic analyzers. This definitively would jump the Saleae analyzer to a new whole level

Stuart MacDonald Jul 11, 2018
Roughly a duplicate idea of ideas.saleae.com/ideas/SALEAE-I-308 (ideas.saleae.com/ideas/SALEAE-I-308#1) but I've voted for both anyway