Ability to group (collapse/expand) multiple lines in "Decoded Protocols".


The decoded protocols part should allow the analyzers' developers to group different detailed information in one line which the user could expand/collapse. Example (expanded):
- READ DATA [2 bytes]
-- BYTE[0]: ['0x41']
-- BYTE[1]: ['0x41']

Also we should be able to move the decoded protocols section to an horizontal position (more width instead of height).


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eblot Jul 11, 2018
Tthe decoded protocol window could be vastly improved when more than a couple of frames are analyzed. The decoded bytes can usually be grouped by some arbitrary order (which depends on the upper protocol that use the lower I2C/SPI/1-wire/… decoded protocol), and it comes difficult quite rapidly to navigate from one logical frame to another. It would be nice, for example, if it would be possible to:
1. add markers within the decoded protocol window
2. "organize" the successive bytes with the help of a hierarchy tree view: Logic GUI would create a 1-level depth as it does for now, but the user could easily "indent" the lines so they could be grouped into a n-level depth list view. It would help understanding the protocol and move *fast* from one time frame to another, especially with the help of markers/bookmarks. This indentation could be easily made from the keyboard/mouse, or from a high level API. A very good example is the way Wireshark renders the many layers of nested protocols.

avger10n Jul 11, 2018
I think the ability to decode protocols is the most useful, but also the weakest part of the Saleae software. The text file export could be improved. Expand/collapse would be a good start, but the ability to filter and search...now that would be invaluable. It would be more than valuable in case invaluable doesn't mean what I think it does.