A signal pulse analyzer to see list of: pulses' duty, duty cycle, frequency, etc.


Why not consider simple pulses as a protocol? It could be useful to list pulse characteristics as duty, duty cycle, frequency, period and others as a decoder and to see that values over the trace. It could be another idea to see the pulse number in order to count them.


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
I have a few suggestions on how this can be done now:
1. we have a measurement feature that can be placed over a span of time on a channel. Then you can enable different statistics, such as: number of pulses, average frequency or duty cycle, min/max of a number of different values, etc. Details here: support.saleae.com/user-guide/using-logic/measurements-timing-markers-and-bookmarks
2. Export the single channel you wish to report on to CSV, using the time stamp option and the one row per change option. This will produce the timestamps of every transition on that channel. You can add formulas to compute the pulse width, duty cycle, etc, for each pulse. Plus you can graph the results.
Ultimately, we want to dramatically improve what you can do in software though.