A auto (re)trigger function.


It would be handy to constantly monitor a signal, without the need to repeatedly pushing the mouse button.


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Bernhard Moser Jul 11, 2018
It would be very handy if the software would support an auto (re)trigger mode where setting a dead time (delay after a trigger event) afterwards the Saleae automatically starts waiting for the next trigger event is possible.

While waiting for a subsequent trigger event, the previous captured signals shall be shown at the capture screen. If a number of maximum (re)trigger events is set, the software shall store single capture results in separate tabs (like sime oscilloscopes' segmented memory feature does). Otherwise the software shall overwrite previous results with the current one.

payal Jul 11, 2018
Thanks for information

DirkR Jul 11, 2018
Maybe to clarify:
Sometimes I only interested for the time around the last trigger. E.g. normally my software set a trigger every 1s and there is something wrong if there is no trigger anymore, so I want to check the waves after the last trigger to find out was was going wrong.
--> Implementation: re-trigger if there is again a trigger during the "Duration" time.